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About Us

Civil Platform 20/20 is a non-entrepreneurial, non-commercial legal entity established on the basis of the legislation of Georgia.

Our platform unites NGOs and other social organizations, the representatives of academic circles and the active members of civil society.

The purpose of the organization is to assist in facilitating democratic institutions and values, as well as support the integration of Georgia and the countries of the region in the Euro-Atlantic structures; Unwavering protection of the idea of human rights and limited governance; Monitoring the electoral processes and adhering to the internationally recognized electoral principles; Supporting the state, election administration and political parties to ensure that elections are fair, transparent and equitable. Also, promoting and facilitating the establishment of the country as a regional hub for Georgia’s economic development.

Our mission is to be the primary source for governmental reforms and the monitoring of the electoral processes in Georgia. This also involves assisting the government and the general public in the overall operation of reforming and developing the areas which prove to be a challenge in our country.

With our actions, we would like to strengthen civil society and state institutions and help facilitate effective governance practices. In order to achieve our goals it is important for the non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal Entity: Civil Platform 20/20 to become a leading research platform that will be oriented on advocacy, civil rights protection and monitoring state institutions.

With its actions the non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity Civil Platform 20/20  is attempting to develop Georgia into a country, where citizens can actively take part in the processes of state policy creation, and where citizens can exercise their rights to active and passive voting.

Our mission

Our Goals

  • Assist with the consolidation of democratic institutions as well as supporting the integration of Georgia and other countries of the region into the euro-atlantic structures.
  • Facilitate the process of establishing Georgia as a regional, political, and economic hub.
  • Monitoring the electoral systems and processes.
  • Strengthening and protecting basic human rights including social, economic and cultural rights.
  • Promoting the effective use of the Silk Road as a global economic belt based on the principles of sustainable development of the region – by harmonizing the tax and justice systems.

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Vasil Urushadze
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Tengo Tevzadze
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