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საარჩევნო სკოლა

Those interested in the “Election School 20/20” project have the opportunity to take a certification course in election issues and, if they wish, represent Civic Platform 20/20 observation organization.

During the certification course, participants of the project will learn about issues such as:

  • Elections and society
  • Election campaign
  • Voter Lists
  • Registration of election subjects and lists of supporters
  • The legal status of the observer
  • Election monitoring and media
  • Election Day and Procedures to be Conducted
  • Voting day
  • Activities of the Precinct and District Election Commissions on the day of the elections


The certificate course is led by certified trainers, leading experts and specialists in the field in Georgia.

Georgian citizens aged 18 to 40 can participate in the certificate course.

Course duration: 3 days, 15 hours in total

The training is funded by the organization and is free for participants.