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NNLE Civil Platform 20/20 is a Non-entrepreneurial, Non-commercial Legal Entity founded on the basis of Georgian legislation, which aims to carry out observation mission in 2020 Parliamentary elections in Georgian. To this end, Civil Platform carries out various types of activities, including preparation of pre-election reports, observation of election at a polling stations all over Georgia and preparation of the final assessment.

Our observation mission is focused on informing groups of individuals, providing an objective legal assessment of the pre-election process, and promoting public services during pandemic to ensure that elections are conducted in a safe and equal environment.

The study was conducted by processing legal analysis of the election year and the recommendations and remarks made by international and local organizations. Also, NNLE Civil Platform 20/20 used a methodology, which is relevant to assess principles of election and standards of democracy and challenges associated with it.

The period of evaluation of the study and preparation of the report was defined as election year 2020 up to the 7th of August. At the initial stage, preliminary preparatory works were carried out, the Plan and Special questionnaire were developed and analysis of the present normative base and political process were conducted. At the final stage, based on the reconciliation of the received information, the problems were identified and the relevant analysis were conducted.

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